Implant Supported Dentures

”CloseIf you wear dentures, you already know their difficulties. Complications of traditional dentures include:

Affected Speech: Do bulky dentures get in your way? Dentures are large pieces of plastic that directly touch the palate and the tongue. They can block your normal speech movements and change the way you talk.

Limited Diet: Dentures can drastically impact your chewing, tasting, and digestive processes. Traditional dentures are loosely attached to the jaws, making the bite force weak and limiting your meal options. Some denture wearers cannot break down their food properly and have digestive issues as a result.

Shifted Smile: Some patients who wear partial dentures will experience loosening healthy teeth. Partial dentures clip onto existing teeth to stay in place. The pressure used by these dentures can push, loosen, and pull the teeth.

Weaker Jaw: Unfortunately, traditional dentures do not protect the jawbone. They do not provide necessary stimulation to the jawbone, therefore accelerating bone loss. The bone will shrink and become weak, changing the individual’s appearance and abilities.

Adhesive Concern: Traditional denture wearers have to carry denture adhesive with them anywhere they go. You never know when a denture may shift or become loose. These adhesives are not only inconvenient but also potentially harmful.

Lost Teeth: Dentures are removable, so they can be lost or left behind.

Denture implants are nothing like traditional dentures. They eliminate all of the problems associated with other dentures.

Denture implants work differently. Full dentures don’t loosely anchor to the mouth, and partial dentures don’t clasp onto healthy teeth. Implant supported dentures are supported by medical-grade titanium rods that are inserted into the jawbone.

”MontzPermanent Dentures offer Peace of Mind!

Implant supported dentures are superior to traditional dentures because:

  • They are more stable, so you can smile and laugh without worry
  • They don’t require denture adhesive
  • They allow you to chew anything
  • They stay in the mouth and can be cleaned and used just like natural teeth
  • They protect and stimulate the jawbone to prevent bone loss
  • They promote a youthful and healthy facial structure
  • Eliminate bulky plastic on the roof of the mouth

Permanent Denture Process

Our denture implants professionals will conduct several dental visits to install your new smile. During your first visit, we will administer x-rays and determine the right locations for your dental implants. At your second visit, we will perform the precise dental implant placement process, keeping you comfortable with local anesthesia and sedation options. At this appointment patients are often able to go home with a temporary implant denture fixed in place to be used while healing.

You will take some time to heal. On your following visit, we will take impressions and design your custom denture implants. During the last appointments, we will place the implant supported dentures and make any necessary adjustments.

Which Solution is Right for You?

Dental bridges, crowns, traditional dentures, and denture implants are all options at Montz & Maher Dental Group. Every patient is different, and we can help you decide if denture implants are the right solution for you. Simply call, text, or contact us using the form on this page today!

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